Salemtown, The Community, and You 


Germantown is Nashville’s hopping hub of activity; Salemtown is the small, tightly-knit community that you can raise a family in. That’s not to say there’s nothing to do; all year round there are fun activities for you and your kids. 

Salemtown is a small residential area, right next to Germantown and a 30 minute walk from downtown. While Nashville is growing at an astonishing rate, Salemtown preserves the feeling of a quiet, pleasant neighborhood, even in the midst of constant growth and construction. 

So what is there to do around the neighborhood? Why would you want to live here? 

I’m so glad you asked. 

Some people move to Nashville because they love country; some move because they love the coffee and indie scene. Some move because it’s simply a growing area. 

Salemtown is built for people who want the best of both worlds. You’re within walking distance of all of the famous attractions, or you can catch a taxi or an Uber to speed things up. Salemtown combines the best of quiet neighborhoods with the fun business of a developing city. There is a special charm for a lot of people in Salemtown, which has managed to keep most of the “small town” charm even while the city grows around it. 

Community Activities


All season long, there are fun activities that you can try around the city. In October, if you’re of drinking age, you can’t miss out on the Oktoberfest celebration. Nashville is filled with the descendants of European immigrants, so why not celebrate some European traditions with delicious Marzan ale? 

Redneck Comedy Bus.jpg

One of the strangest events is also the most fun. The Redneck Comedy Bus Tour is a literal comedy show inside a bus that rolls around the streets of downtown, poking fun at elements of Nashville. Various comedians host the tour, and it’s always a great hilarious time for everyone. 

Nashville is filled with crazy sights as well as calm neighborhoods. If a a quiet beer, a trip to the symphony, or a day in the park with your kids is your idea of a good time, head on down to Salemtown. You’ll love it here; I know I do!