How to Enjoy Germantown as a Family!

The Nashville inner urban neighborhood of Germantown has all sorts of family activities to enjoy together. Here are a few things your kids (and you!) are sure to enjoy together.

The Frist Visual Arts Center


This museum truly does have something for everyone. For adults, the center features many traveling exhibits; I recently got to see original sketches that Michelangelo himself drew, all on display for 2 months in the center. But for your kids, the real fun lies upstairs. There, you will find a massive room filled with free art for children to do. You will find watercolor paints, posable sketch models, and material to build all sorts of sculptures. My younger siblings could happily spend hours there; usually I have to tell them it’s time to go!

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The Adventure Science Center

I’ve talked about this before, but the ASC is simply the best museum for kids in Nashville. No contest at all! I’ve spent so much time there as a kid, and they just keep adding exhibits. I especially recommend the human body section, and the space exploration section. Both are filled with interactive exhibits; pretty much everything says “please touch.” You can just let your kids run wild, learning all sorts of engineering, medical, and aeronautical facts while having a great time.

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The Nashville Zoo

This is another area that has a special place in my heart from my childhood. The Nashville Zoo is sprawling large, and keeps buying land to grow and expand even more. It’s perfect for summer and winter; there are massive outdoor safari exhibits, and large indoor displays of lizards, birds, and bats. During the summer, I highly recommend the playground. It has a massive climbing net, and is over 4 stories high. Completely safe though; as an adult, you’ll probably want to climb it too!

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Germantown and Kids

I say all of these are for kids, but I promise you won’t be bored either. The best family outings let everyone have a good time, and all 3 of these locations deliver. So get out there and have some fun with your family, or even just with a friend. I promise you won’t be disappointed.